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Count down to launch our 1st product!

Our motto is to provide for tools that everyone is able to enjoy traveling.

Traveling is something everyone in the Earth enjoying and experiencing. The purposes of traveling for each traveler are different and the points where they feel enjoyable are also different. Moreover, the market size of traveling is significant huge and growing rapidly. There is no border and we are able to develop the product for any markets. I and EweJin, our Chief Design Officer had been working in Skyscanner and focused on Asia markets. At that time, I had prepared for a slide who dominated the traveling in the internet industry. In terms of hotel booking, Booking holdings were the biggest and only dominated 3% of whole booking share globally. The revenue was US$ 12.681 billion in 2017, but still only 3$ share. Usually in the internet industry, one or two dominants took the market in 70% or more. In traveling industry is something that has too big market so that nobody takes the markets dominantly. There is still a chance to take a positioning to be #1.

We are challenging in that traveling market which has lots of opportunities.

The 1st product will be launching soon. The product is not the perfectly developed yet; however, we launch it with MVP condition, and we keep developing based on user’s behavior and feedback. We are so excited that users who love traveling use our product!

WithTravel Inc.
CEO and president
Yoshihisa Haruyama

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