I’m not receiving notifications regarding Room Availability
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I’m not receiving notifications regarding Room Availability

Turn 'Push Notifications' ON within the atta app.
You can turn on notifications using the following steps.

▼ Push notification settings within the app
1)Open the atta App
2)Select 'My Menu'
3)Select 'Notification Settings' within 'My Menu'
4)Select ON or OFF within 'Notification Settings'

▼ Managing push notification settings on your device
<iOS Devices>
1)Open 'Settings'
2)Select 'Notifications'
3)Select the 'atta' app
4)Turn push notifications 'ON'

<Android Devices>
1)Open Settings
2)Select Apps and Notifications
3)Manage Notifications
4)Select Notifications, and choose the 'atta' app
5)Choose 'ON' for allowing notifications

▼ Set PriceAlert from your search results page
You can review the past PriceAlerts you set from your search results via 'List of notifications' from 'My Menu'.

If there are no results in your 'List of notifications' tab, please select 'PriceAlert' form your search results.