Cookie Policy of atta Inc.

"The atta Inc." ("the Company") uses cookies to collect information in accordance with this policy. This policy is subject to revision without notice.
The Cookie Policy shall be governed by the Japanese language. The English translation has been prepared solely for reference purposes.

1. What are cookies?

"Cookies" is a function that stores information on the computer (PC, smartphone, tablet, or other Internet-connected device) used by User when browsing the Company's website ("the Website").
The use of cookies enhances User convenience by, for example, eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

2. Cookie Information

Information obtained through cookies (“Cookie Information") cannot be used to identify individual User.
The Company obtains Cookie Information only with the consent of User and uses it appropriately in accordance with Privacy Policy.

3. Purpose of use

The Company uses Cookie information to analyze how User use the Website and to improve the performance, quality, and content of the Website and the services provided by the Company.

4. Cookies we used

The Company uses the following cookies;

Cookie Name: Google Analytics
Tool provider: Google Inc.
Google Privacy Policy:
Summary of information collected through the tool: Information about pages browed by users (access status, etc.)
Opt-out page:

Cookie Name: Channel Talk
Tool provider: Channel Corp.
Privacy Policy:
Summary of information collected through the tool: Visit logs (IP address, connection time), type of cookies or browser and device information

5. Cookies settings

  1. User may disable cookies or stop the use of cookies through his/her browser settings or an opt-out page provided by each tool provider. Provided, however, that if User disable cookies or stop the use of cookies, the User may not be able to receive some of the services provided by the Company.
    If User changes his/her web browser, deletes cookies, or changes to a new computer, the User may need to set Coolie again.
  2. User shall be responsible for changing the settings in the preceding paragraph, and the Company shall not be liable for any damage incurred by User due to disabling cookies, etc.

6. Inquiries

Inquiries regarding this policy are accepted at the following;

Operator of The Service: the atta Inc.
Desk for Inquiry: Personal Information Desk
Address of Operator: #703 3-17-11 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
Phone Number: +81-3-6773-5962 (available in weekdays for 10:00-17:00 in JST)
E-Mail Address:

Established on 9th May, 2022