21 signs you are a “Life in Japan” expert.

Have you ever wondered that this is not a dream, that you are really in your dreamland – Japan? Pinch your cheek real hard and check this list if you could find things you have experienced yourself.

21 signs you are in Japan
Check it out if you don’t feel like “staying” in Japan

Feel related with more than 5 signs? Well, your once-a-dream world has become real.

1.When you’re the only under-80 person at the hospital.

under 80 person at the hospital
Sign 1: You are not the oldest any more.

2. When your wallet is returned to you before you realize you’ve even lost it.

wallet returned to you
Sign 2: ‘Lost and Found’ stuff actually returns.

3. When you stand in front of an operating fax machine

operating fax machine
Sign 3: Fax Machine is still a thing.

4. When Godzilla and friends show up in front of your eyes

godzilla and friends
Sign 4: Godzilla and friends are here with you.

5. When someone flashes their brights at you to say, “You can go first.”

flash their brights
Sign 5: Drivers are overwhelmingly nice.

6. When you spend seven hundred dollars on your kid’s backpack.

seven hundred dollars for a backpack
Sign 6: 700$ for a kiddo’s backpack.

7. When a waiter brings you water in a shot glass.

water in a shot glass
Sign 7: Water in a shot glass, no?

8. When people think you can speak perfect English just because you’re a foreigner.

perfect English because you are a foreigner
Sign 8: Perfect English is equal to being a foreigner.

9. When you confidently walk into an arcade center, then go home crying empty-handed.

arcade center and cry
Sign 9: Go home from the arcade center with an empty purse.

10. When accidentally booked a love hotel for a trip.

love hotel accident
Sign 10: This is a love hotel? This is a love hotel.

11.When a stranger uses your shoulder as a pillow on a train.

shoulder becomes pillow
Sign 11: Pillowy shoulders on the train.

12. When you see a hair removal salon ad on the train.

hair removal ad on the train
Sign 12: No hair removal ad on the train? Something is off.

13. When saying “Sorry” without feeling sorry

Sorry for not feeling sorry
Sign 13: Sorry for not feeling sorry…

14. When the sales tax increases again

sales tax increases
Sign 14: Once upon a year, the sales tax increases…again.

15. When the movie ends, but nobody stands up to go home

movie ends nobody goes home
Sign 15: Wait for the credit, the movie is not yet to end.

16. When you get a minor heart attack from your phone’s earthquake alert.

minor heart attack from earthquake's alert
Sign 16: Nope.

17. When you order too much food at an all-you-can-eat restaurant

over order at an all you can eat restaurant
Sign 17: Always eat too much at a tabehodai place.

18. When you’re told, “Genkin nomi”/ “Cash Only”

cash only
Sign 18: Cash, not card.

19. When you say the words “shrimp burger?”

shrimp burger
Sign 19: Shrimp in a burger?

20. When people praise your Japanese excellent, but all that got out of your mouth was just “Konnichiwa”…

Sign 20: Hai, nihongo jouzu desu.

21. When the sun rises. 

sun rises
Sign 21: Sun actually rises first in Japan.

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