Malaysia is filled with hundreds of magical islands, known as ‘Pulau’ to the locals. Some are perfect for diving and snorkelling, while others are perfect for relaxing on the soft white sand with a drink in hand. There is one thing that all ‘Pulaus’ are famous for, and that is the crystal-clear blue azure waters, powdery white sands, secluded beaches, and a wide variety of delectable food. Here are five ‘Pulaus’ that we think are absolute must-visits for your next sun, sea and sand getaway:

Langkawi: Malaysia’s most visited island 

Langkawi attracts the most visitors out of all the Malaysian islands. Most come here for the duty-free shopping and alcohol and abundance of luxury accommodation options. Another reason that makes it a top pick is the convenience afforded by air travel and budget airline options. If you like your beach holidays filled with activities, then Langkawi will keep you busy with great attractions, a vibrant nightlife scene, a variety of adventure trips and of course beach-hopping.

At Langkawi, jump aboard the cable car to enjoy a panoramic view of the island’s lush green forest. And if you’re craving an adrenaline rush, then visit the Sky Bridge, located at the end of the cable car ride. Built atop the Machinchang mountain, the Sky Bridge is the longest curved suspension bridge in all the world and boasts all-encompassing views of the sea and sky.


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我喜歡聽故事,聽說浮羅交怡的黑沙灘是古時候海底火山爆發後形成的奇景,所以很好奇,特別來看看,結果到當地又聽到另一個故事:傳說海王的公主和陸地的王子相愛了,但雙方家庭反對,戀人雙雙逃跑,結果引發海陸大戰。海軍雖多,但陸上的人們沿海堆起木柴,深夜放火一燒,讓海王以為來了千軍萬馬、落荒而逃! 聽到這故事,我腦裡馬上浮現氣勢磅礴的景象,這是美麗的傳說呀!可似乎沒給黑沙灘帶來人潮。這天下午冷清清,感覺這裡已不是熱門景點。 當地馬來少女說,黑沙灘現在已經不那麼黑了。我沿著海邊走,感受這大太陽底下,空氣中一點淡淡的寂寥。 . . . . ~實情是黑沙灘的沙裡含有花崗岩的礦物成份,但我寧願繼續相信那些美麗的傳說。 . . #blacksandbeach #pulaulangkawi #pantaipasirhitam #workingtrip #kedah #langkawi

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Pangkor: ‘Beautiful’ island for spa lovers 

Pangkor is the perfect place for a luxurious and tranquil getaway in Malaysia. Here you’ll enjoy the pampered and leisurely beach life. Home to isolated quiet beaches, the name of the island couldn’t be more fitting. Derived from the word, Pang Ko, which means beautiful, it does complete justice to this island of stunning beaches.

There is plenty to do on Pangkor Island if you ever get tired of lazing in the sun. We recommend a light jungle trek, like the Pangkor Hill Trek that starts at Bogak beach. Another way to enjoy the island life is by renting a yacht and going on a ‘Castaway’ day trip to the small, unspoiled islands nearby such as Pulau Jarak. You can’t leave Pangkor Island without enjoying a rejuvenating half-day spa treatment at one of the luxury resorts on another island close by, Pangkor Laut. Spa Village boasts of an extensive range of treatments and facilities including nap gazebos, bathhouses and spa huts.


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Redang: Foodie’s paradise

Redang island is located in the protected marine waters of the Terengganu Marine ParkPicture perfect crystal clear waters, sugary white sand beaches and fascinating marine life. The island is perfect for embracing long days on the beach — soaking up the sun, taking a stroll, playing beach volleyball, reading on a hammock or simply doing nothing at all.

Redang offers a wide variety of authentic local cuisine. Imagine dining on a floating pontoon in the middle of the sea! Theme offerings by The Taraas are all about making special memories and bonding over delectable food. Easy accessibility also makes Redang an ideal island to visit. You can fly directly with Berjaya Air from Changi Airport.

Sipadan: One of the world’s best diving spots 

Hardcore divers love Sipadan island, which is consistently rated one of the world’s best diving spots and famous among scuba divers across the globe. To protect the ecosystem, there are no hotels or restaurants on the island. You will also need a special permit to enter the island, with only 120 given out daily.

Not a diver? Sipadan Island is still a must-visit. Enjoy the incredible biodiversity of the island on foot — it only takes 25 minutes to walk the island and you’ll discover that the breathtaking island beauty isn’t just underwater. It is also considered to be the best place to snorkel or swim with turtles.

Rawa: The island next door

Enjoy the turquoise waters of Rawa, an island that is just a short drive away from Singapore! A short 2-hour drive is all it takes to reach the Mersing Port in Malaysia. Rawa is only a half-hour private speedboat ride away. The island is owned by the family of the Johor Sultanate and promises to offer you an exclusive and secluded beach vacation. Windsurfing, fishing, cruising, snorkelling and diving are just some of the many things you can do on this remote island.