A bit further away from the main attractions in Tokyo, you will find the Gōtokuji Temple, better known as the ‘Cat Temple’. The temple is located in the quiet Setagaya Ward of Tokyo. The temple is a 15 minute walk from the major roads and train tracks. It is seen as a hidden gem compared to the other temples and shrines in Tokyo. Gōtokuji Temple doesn’t only have the cats to show, there is also a pagoda and other buildings to be seen. The whole area is quite big and the cats are only a small part of it. In the end, the place is worth visiting if you have the time. Since it is not close to other touristic spots, you might want to skip it if you are on a tight schedule during your travels.


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Gōtokuji Temple 🇯🇵

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The best way to get to Gōtokuji Temple is to get off at ‘Gōtokuji Station’. After getting out of the station, a sign will tell you that the temple is a 15-minute walk towards the left. After walking in that direction, turn left instead of crossing the traintracks. From there on you will walk up to the Gōtokuji Temple.

Opening time entrance gate: 06:00-17:00