Enoshima is the perfect getaway from the heat in Tokyo. The amazing beach will cool you down in a minute. Besides the beach, Enoshima has lots of sights to offer. It is a 2-hour trip from Tokyo, but this is definitely worth your time. After a day in Enoshima you will really have the ‘holiday feeling’. Below you will find a list of the best sights in Enoshima besides the beach.

Enoshima Shrine

Upon arrival at the island of Enoshima, you will see a street with some souvenir shops and restaurants. At the end of this street you will see a gate to the Enoshima Shrine. The shrine consists of three separate shrines that are in different locations around the island.

After entering the gate to the shrine, you can either go up by escalators or by stairs. The escalators are around ¥200 for every escalator. Walking up the stairs is recommended since you will be able to see more. After going up you will arrive in an area with shrines to pray, and a small pond. The shrine is about ‘Benten’, the goddess of wealth. A lot of people wash their money in the small pond for more wealth.

The shrine has a nice area and it is hard to tell when the shrine actually ends. This due to the fact that to get to other tourist attractions, you just keep walking past the shrine. It is a nice treat from the island, that you will pass all the tourist places with one walking route.

You are able to get to the shrine by walking through the main street after entering the island of Enoshima. The street is going a bit uphill and at the end you will find the stairs or escalator to the shrine.
Opening Times: 8:30 – 16:30

Samuel Cocking Garden & Enoshima Sea Candle

The Samuel Cocking Garden is a small botanical garden in Enoshima. It is home to the Enoshima Sea Candle. It is possible to visit only the garden. But if you want to visit the Sea Candle, you will have to buy a combination ticket for the garden and the Sea Candle together. The Sea Candle is 59.8 meters tall and serves as an observatory tower and lighthouse. You are able to go up the tower by elevator, but it won’t bring you to the top. The elevator will bring you to the first observatory deck. This is a closed deck from which you will be able to enjoy the view of Enoshima and the water. You will be able to take the stairs up to the second observatory deck. This deck is outside so you will be able to feel the wind as well. This deck might be closed due to severe weather. To go down the tower, you can take the elevator back, or the stairs. The stairs will let you go 40 meters down the stairs, from which you can continue enjoying the view. These stairs will be closed if the weather circumstances are not good.

You are able to get to the Samuel Cocking Garden by walking past the Enoshima Shrine. The island has a nice road to walk on, which brings you past all the tourist places in Enoshima. The Samuel Cocking Garden is halfway between the entrance to the island and the Iwaya Caves, which can be seen as the ‘end’ of the island.
Opening Times: 9:00 – 20:00

Iwaya Caves

The Iwaya Caves are in the west end of the island and the reef around the cave is known as a fishing spot for locals. You are also able to get a view of Mount Fuji from the reef around the cave. There is a ¥500 to enter the caves, the ticket can be bought at the ticket office in front of the caves. The caves are easily walkable and the first one contains buddha statues while the second one is about the dragon that terrorized the area. You have to watch out while walking in the second cave, since the ceiling is quite low. Keep in mind that when the weather is bad, the caves might be closed.

Besides the caves you are able to walk on the reef around the caves as well. You are only able to walk there when the tide is low. You won’t be able to walk on the reef during high tide or bad weather since this can be dangerous.

More to the right of the Iwaya Caves is a ferryboat-service available. This boat will take you back to the beginning of the Benten Bridge (the bridge to get to the island of Enoshima). So, you don’t have to worry about walking the same road back to the beginning. The boats might not go due to severe weather.

You can get to the Iwaya Caves by walking on the island, walk past the Enoshima Shrine, and past the Samuel Cocking Garden. After this you will have to continue for a bit longer and you will be able to get to the Iwaya Caves. The island has many signs pointing you in the right directions towards the tourist attractions. Even though the caves are at the far end of the island, walking from the beginning of the island to the caves will only take around 20 minutes. This is because Enoshima is not a big island and everything can be done by foot.
Opening Times: 9:00 – 18:00 (Until 16:00 from October to February)


How to get to Enoshima

There are a couple subway lines that will take you to Enoshima, or close to Enoshima. These subway lines will either take you to ‘Fujisawa Station’ or to ‘Katase-Enoshima Station’. The Katase-Enoshima Station is closer to the island itself. This stop is in front of the bridge that will take you to the island, and you are able to cross this bridge by walking.
Fujisawa Station is a bit further away from the island, but you are able to take a bus from this station. The bus station is located in front of the station, and you will have to take a bus from ‘Bus stop 3’. This bus stop is located on the right side after getting out of the station. The bus has a stop in front of the bridge to the island, but also a stop on the island, meaning it will cross the bridge.