As of 23 Dec 2019, atta Inc (represented by CEO: Yoshihisa Haruyama) has announced that since the launch of the atta app on 4 July 2019, atta has helped travellers save 1M USD through its push notifications for flights and hotels. These PriceAlerts help to notify travellers when the room rates drop for their desired hotel or when flight ticket prices drop for their desired flight.

With the atta app, you can easily search and compare prices from various online booking websites in one glance. Our AI system predicts the probability of the rooms rates dropping so you can decide whether to book now or to wait for the price to drop. Travellers can sign up for push notifications so that they are notified when the price drops and can book it when the room rate is the cheapest.

In September, atta built a flight ticket search service within our app in collaboration with Skyscanner. On the atta app, travellers can search for flights to and from 4400 airports globally. atta has built-in AI price prediction functionality based on specific routes and dates of travel. Additionally, there is a push notification feature to monitor prices of specific routes and deliver alerts to the traveller’s smartphone in real-time when the prices drop.

Our CEO, Mr Haruyama said in response: “I am glad that atta can help travellers get the best travel deals for their flights & hotels. With atta, they can save lots of time and money with our PriceAlerts feature. We will continue to enhance our app further for our travellers!”

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