Bali is well known for its sun, sand and surf, but to those who have been there before, you’ll also know that Bali is also a foodie paradise! Bali has a whole plethora of wonderful activities like surfing, lazing on the sandy beaches, temple-hopping and yoga workshops. While you’re there don’t miss the opportunity to go on a foodie adventure. In Bali you’ll find authentic and traditional local food served in warungs, hipster cafes that serve brunch meals with awesome coffee, seafood dinners on the beach and many fusion restaurants that offer the best of both worlds. Here are our top picks:

Warung Eropa, Petitenget (Crispy Duck)

This warung comes highly recommended by locals and tourists alike and certainly lives up to the hype. Warung Eropa is housed in a traditional two-storey diner which is open air and has a nostalgic atmosphere. The ambience here is relaxing and warmly welcoming with its stylish wooden furniture. The star of the show here is the crispy duck set which is an absolute must try when you’re in Bali. The skin of the duck is fried and crispy and the meat is juicy and succulent.



Hog Wild with Chef Bruno, Batu Belig (Pork Ribs)

Chef Bruno, a French chef opened Hog Wild with the vision to serve the perfect rack of pork ribs in Bali. He mixes his Western background with Balinese influence to create this amazing savoury dish. His fusion style of grilled pork ribs is coated with a thick caramel sweet sauce and with lovely burnt ends, a rich smoky flavour and soft, juicy meat that falls off the bone easily. This is the definition of the ultimate comfort food dish. The diner is built with a cheeky and easy-going vibe which makes for a heartwarming meal.



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HOG WILD… . [NON HALAL] Seru banget deh kalo weekend tuh jalan2 dan makan2 sama keluarga. Lebih seru lagi kalo semuanya dibayarin 😜 . . Nah, ini ada salah satu tempat makan yang recommended buat dicobain bareng keluarga, apalagi yang suka sama pork ribs. Namanya @hogwildwithchefbruno.serpong di daerah BSD. . Kalo yang ini nama menunya Wicked Ribs, jadi ini sekitar 500gr iga babi yang dipanggang dan dioles pake saus rahasia. Rasanya ada asem manisnya BBQ saus gitu, dagingnya lembut banget gampang copot dari tulangnya. Trus side dishnya bisa pilih, aku mah kentang goreng aja. . Harganya sekitar 159.000 dan porsi ini sih bisa cukup buat berdua atau sendiri kalo lagi laper. Happy Saturday lunch hungries 😋😋😋 . Eat-Hungry-Repeat 😉 . #EATANDHUNGRY . . . . . #hogwild #hogwildchefbruno #kulinerbsd #kulinertangerang #kulinerserpong #bsdcity #makananenak #lunch #nonhalal #pork #traditional #signature #yummy #porkribs #restaurantbsd #food #foodgasm #laperbaper #indonesianfood #makanan #noodle #kuliner #thisisinsiderfood #foodporn #foodies #foodstagram #instafoodie #foodlover #dietmulaibesok

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Menega Cafe, Jimbaran (Seafood)

Jimbaran is a short ride away from the popular Uluwatu Temple. Dining at Jimbaran makes for a wonderful choice for a romantic dinner on the beach at sunset. You should definitely make a reservation at Menega before heading down there as the café is usually very crowded and you’ll want to get a good seat to dine here. Menega Café has a wonderful menu of freshly caught seafood of all types from prawns to fishes to clams to squids and even crabs. You can pick your style of cooking but we’d recommend you to go with grilled as their grilled dishes are rich and delicious!



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#menegacafejimbaran #kingprawn #squid Gooooooood!!💜

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Kaum by Potato Head (Modern Indonesian Cuisine)

Kaum by Potato Head has become very popular recently, all thanks to raving reviews of its speciality menus that showcase the best of modern Indonesian fine dining. They have 3 sampler set menus to choose from and also a wide selection of ala-carte dishes. The dishes that we would recommend are the Jumbo Grilled Prawns and the Grilled Otah Otah. Located in the ever-popular Potato Head Beach Club, this is an amazing dinner spot to watch the sunset over Seminyak Beach!



Ibu Oka, Ubud (Babi Guling)

Babi Guling, which is the local name for the speciality dish, Balinese roasted suckling pig, is known to be a celebratory meal and is often served at important events like weddings and birthdays. It is a truly heartwarming and comforting dish, with crispy pork skin and juicy pork meat. Ibu Oka is only open for lunch, so we’d suggest getting there early. Our recommendation is the special plate which comes with roasted pork, fried pork, crispy pork skin and blood sausage.