Buying souvenirs are essential if you come to Japan for a sightseeing holiday!

This time, we present four handpicked items from among the most popular Osaka souvenirs! We will introduce essential Osaka souvenirs ranging from specialties like Mitarashi komochi and Kikuju dorayaki to raw chocolate and black sugar walnut canelé.

Chidoriya Souke “Mitarashi Komochi”


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Yoshio Aokiさん(@syaraku1948)がシェアした投稿

Unlike ordinary Mitarashi dango, this is a special “Mitarashi komochi” with Mitarashi sauce inside the mochi. As soon as you bite into it, sweet Kansai style soy-based sauce flows out from inside the thin mochi dough! This “Mitarashi mochi” from the long-established Japanese sweets shop with a 380 year history is bite-sized and moderately priced, making it a perfect souvenir.

■Chidoriya Souke
Open hour:10:0021:00



Sumiyoshikaan Kikuju “Dorayaki”

Sumiyoshikaan Kikuju is located near Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka. This shop is so famous that people visit from afar to buy the specialty “dorayaki!” The surface of the dorayaki is baked to a lovely golden color with a gentle, sweet-smelling aroma. In addition, the moist dough is filled with plenty of large-grain red bean paste and candied chestnuts. Kikuju dorayaki is a souvenir with a nostalgic feeling that you can give friends and family.

■Sumiyoshikaan Kikuju
Open hour:9:0017:00

Uji-en Raw Chocolat “Hyottoko”


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◇ほうじ茶生ショコラ火男(ひょっとこ)◇ 宇治園の人気スイーツ「ほうじ茶生ショコラ“火男”」が週刊女性のほうじ茶特集に掲載されました🙌 看板商品の1つ、「浅火ほうじ茶火男(ひょっとこ)」の風味が生きるよう、ベルギー産のホワイトチョコレートに絶妙なバランスで配合したこの商品。 バレンタインの期間中にはたくさんのお客様にお召し上がりいただきありがとうございました!! 雑誌もぜひチェックしてくださいね♪ ======================= ◎雑誌刊登◎ 宇治園最受歡迎的「烘焙茶生巧克力」登上週刊女性的烘焙茶特輯囉! 比利時白巧克力搭配招牌茶「淺火烘焙焙茶火男」,絕佳風味讓人難以抗拒 情人節期間也相當熱賣喔! 請大家務必翻閱^^ #japan #大阪 #京都 #osaka #kyoto #心斎橋 #道頓堀 #shinsaibashi #dotonbori #ujien #greentea #Whiteday #matcha #cafetime #抹茶 #緑茶 #茶 #ญี่ปุ่น #หวาน #裏参道 #ขนม #ชา #sweets #말차 #일본 #오사카 #宇治園 #和ちょこでほっこり

宇治園 ujienさん(@ujien_official)がシェアした投稿 –

The unique Uji-en “raw chocolat” in the Hyottoko package is a perfect souvenir. This luxurious raw chocolat “Hyottoko” blends high-grade Belgian chocolate with Uji-en hojicha (roasted green tea). The raw chocolat is mildly sweet and retains the aromatic flavor of the custom-made hojicha. The matcha raw chocolat “Okame” made from specialty tea leaves is also recommended!

Open hour:10:00~20:30



Canelé Dou “Kokuto Kurumi Canelé”


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🌱RaoXinさん(@erinrao)がシェアした投稿 –

Canelé is a traditional French pastry. Canelé Dou is a popular Osaka shop that sells original canelé flavors made to suit Japanese tastebuds with flavours such as black soybean kinako and hojicha. In addition six basic styles such as “shiro” and “matcha anko,” there are limited edition items that change monthly. We recommend the “kokuto kurumi” that has black sugar kneaded into the dough. The outside is crisply baked but the inside has a moist texture and you can enjoy the sweet black sugar aroma. This canelé is an ideal souvenir with its pretty appearance and small size that can fit in your palm.

Open hour:10:0019:00

Not only the long beloved Mitarashi komochi and dorayaki, but elegant and delicious sweets such as canelé and raw chocolat are very popular. There is no doubt that any of these Osaka souvenirs will be happily received!