There are some spots in Tokyo where you will be able to have a good view over the city from a high building. In this article you will find a guide to three of these viewpoints. The ones mentioned in this article all have a reason worth visiting, so if you can’t get enough of the view over the city, then you might want to go to all of these places.


Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is a broadcasting and observation tower in Tokyo. Its full height is 634 meters, and the building is open to the public. Most people will get off at ‘Tokyo Skytree Station’ when visiting the Tokyo Skytree. At this station you will see a sign with ‘Welcome to Tokyo Skytree Town’. Get off at the main exit and you will have to go up some escalators or stairs. You will have to go to the 4thfloor to find the ticket office. After getting to the 4thfloor you will have to pass a couple of stores and turn right at the end (towards the Skytree). You don’t have to worry about finding the ticket entrance, there are signs at every corner pointing you towards the ticket offices. The first entrance on the right will be the entrance for the fast tickets. The fast tickets are only available for international visitors. With a fast ticket you will be able to skip the line which will give you a shorter waiting time. The second entrance is for the normal tickets for the Skytree. Both ticket offices will have an overview of the tickets. There are tickets available for the 2 different decks, and a combination ticket.

The ticket prices for holidays and weekdays are different, so for travelers on a budget it is better to go during weekdays. After buying the ticket you will either have to wait or line or skip the line with the fast ticket. You will pass a gate to the elevators.
Once you go up the elevator, you will get to the Tembo Deck at floor 350. At the Tembo Deck you will be able to enjoy the view over Tokyo. There are multiple ‘picture spots’ and you can get a professional picture taken as well. There is a café and stairs down to floor 345. At this floor you will find a souvenir shop, you can go down to floor 340 as well. From floor 340 you can take the elevator back down again.
At floor 350 is the elevator up to floor 450 as well. This is the Tembo Galleria, here you are able to explore floors 445-450. To go down you will have to go back to floor 350 first.

The best way to get to the Tokyo Skytree is to get off at the ‘Tokyo Skytree Station’. From this station you will see multiple signs showing you towards the ticket office. The ticket office is on the 4thfloor, meaning you have to go up some stairs or escalators.
Opening Times: 08:00 – 22:00.


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【日本 / 浅草&押上 / 東京スカイツリー】 全国各地で響き渡ったカウントダウンと共に、令和元年を迎えました。各地で「令和」を祝うイベントなどが展開されており、日本全体がお祝いムードに包まれています。 東京スカイツリーでは令和元年を迎えた2019/05/01の1日限定で令和元号を祝う特別ライティングの点灯が実施されています。「日本国旗」をイメージした鮮やかな赤と白の二色のライティングとなっています。また、展望デッキ上部に「令和元年」という文字が浮かび上がるレーザーマッピングによる演出が施されています。 「令和」を迎え、さらに良い旅先をご紹介できるようattaスタッフ一同邁進してまいりますので、引き続きよろしくお願いいたします。

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Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower might be the most famous tower in Tokyo, because it looks similar to the Eiffel Tower, just with different colors. The tower is not as high as the Tokyo Skytree, it has a height of 332,9 meters.You won’t be able to get to the highest point of the tower, there are 2 observation decks in the tower, at 150 meters and at 250 meters. In front of the Tokyo Tower is a small terrace where you will be able to get some food and drinks. Upon arrival at the Tokyo Tower you will see a sign pointing you inside to the ticket office. The ticket office is on the right side after entering. Here you will be able to get your tickets for the Main Deck, or a combination ticket for the Main Deck and the Top Deck. After buying the ticket you will be able to get it checked at the elevator to go up, or at the stairs. The Tokyo Tower has stairs that will allow you to climb up to the Main Deck yourself, be aware that the stairs might be closed sometimes, and that you have to take the elevator then. If you climb the Tokyo Tower by stairs you will receive a ‘Noppon Official Stair Climber Certificate’.

There are 3 elevators that are able to take you to the Main Deck. The Main Deck consists of 2 floors, the one you arrive at and one floor below. Once you arrive at the Main Deck you will be able to enjoy a beautiful view if Tokyo. On this floor you will find the ‘Tokyo Tower Official Shop’, where you can get all the Tokyo Tower souvenirs you want. There is also a small praying shrine in the Tower, called the ‘Great Shinto Shrine of the Tower’.
You are able to take the stairs one floor down, where you will get to the other floor of the Main Deck. At this floor you will have a ‘Skywalk Window’, which is a glass floor at a small spot. You can look down through the glass from here. On this floor is also a Café available, called ‘Café la Tour’ where you are able to get ‘Tokyo Tower ice cream’, coffee and more.
To go up to the Top Deck you will need to take a second elevator, which you can find at the Main Deck. The Top Deck is combined with a ‘tour’. Sometimes the tours are cancelled for the day due to unavoidable situations. Situations like severe weather or wind are reasons for the tours to be cancelled. At night time the Tokyo Tower lights up, so it is definitely worth visiting at day and nighttime.

There are multiple ways to easily get to Tokyo Tower. Since there is no ‘Tokyo Tower metro station’ there are multiple options. There are four stations surrounding Tokyo Tower. These four stations are: ‘Kamiyachō Station’, ‘Akabanebashi Station’, ‘Onarimon Station’ and ‘Shibakoen Station’. While getting off at any of these stations, you will be able to see the tower. Walk towards the tower and you will easily find the entrance. From Kamiyachō Station and Onarimon Station you will immediately see the entrance while getting closer to Tokyo Tower, from the other two stations you will have to walk around the tower.

Opening Times:
Main Deck      9:00 – 23:00 (Last admission 22:30)
Top Deck         9:00 – 22:45 (Last admission 22:15)


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Tokyo Tower + Tokyo Skytree 🇯🇵

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Tokyo City View

Tokyo City View is a fun experience, since you will be able to combine it with a museum visit. The Tokyo City View is located on the 52ndfloor of the Mori Tower, the building that is also home to the Mori Art Museum.
The ticket for the Tokyo City View is to be bought at the ticket office before going up the building. The tickets to the Tokyo City View will give you access to the main exhibition in the museum as well. After buying tickets, you will be asked to walk through the hallway on the right side of the ticket office towards the elevators. The elevator will bring you to the 52ndfloor where you will find the Tokyo City View (the museum will be on the 53rdfloor, you can take an escalator to this floor). The Tokyo City View is sometimes combined with an exhibition as well. The view itself will have signs with ‘what you are able to see’ from where you’re standing. This will include certain areas such as Shinjuku and Shibuya, but also the Tokyo Tower is clearly visible. If there is good weather outside you might even be able to see Mount Fuji. There is a souvenir shop at the Tokyo City View as well, where you can buy some items related to the view of Tokyo, and some other souvenirs as well.

The Tokyo City View is an indoor observation deck, but the building also has a ‘Rooftop Sky Deck’. You will need a separate ticket to enter this deck, meaning you won’t be able to enter with the ‘Tokyo City View’ ticket. The Sky Deck might be closed due to bad weather, the opening times also vary from the normal Tokyo City View. It is open from 11:00 – 22:00, with the last admission at 21:30.
The highest point of the tower (The Rooftop Sky Deck) is 238 meters high.

The best way to get to the Tokyo City View is to get off at Roppongi Station, from here, take exit 1c to get in front of the Mori Tower. The Tokyo City View is located on the 52ndfloor of the Mori Tower. When you get in the Mori Tower, you will see signs that will point you where to go.  You might have to follow signs to the ‘Mori Art Museum’ if you don’t see ‘Tokyo City View’ on the signs, it is located in the same building.

Opening Times:
Weekdays and Holidays       10:00 – 23:00 (Last admission 22:30)
Fridays, Saturdays                  10:00 – 01:00 (Last admission 00:00)