Yangon is certainly not your typical foodie paradise! Most people who go there often do so for business or cultural purposes and not for a food trip, so it might seem strange that we are doing a special foodie guide to the city. But fret not, Yangon is quietly becoming a foodie capital of Myanmar and growing in popularity within the ASEAN community too. Here, you’ll find Italian restaurants side by side with traditional tea houses, and fine dining establishments nearby buzzing cocktail bars and clubs. With the influx of tourism and foreign businesses, the Yangon food scene is fast becoming diverse and a force to be reckoned with.

Rangoon Tea House

The absolute must-visit place in Yangon when it comes to a foodie trip is Rangoon Tea House. In recent years, this has become the centrepiece on which modern Burmese food is built upon. Started by a young business owner, this establishment combines the best of both worlds – a bright modern tea house on the first floor and a traditional cocktail bar of the second floor. The food on offer here is fresh, delicious and full of flavours to satisfy your tastebuds.

Website: Rangoon Tea House
Address: 2nd Floor, 77-79 Pansodan St (Lower Middle Block)
between Mahabandoola and Merchant Road – Yangon, Myanmar, 11182


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Seeds is one of the most popular fine dining restaurants in the city, and has quickly found fame amongst locals and tourists alike. Started by a Swiss Chef and his wife, this establishment is well-known for its heartwarming and welcoming dining hall. Seeds has a wide garden in the yard with a walkway that stretches out onto the iconic Inya Lake. From there, you can watch the sun set. This is one of the favourite spots in town for a romantic wedding proposal and the food here sets the tone with its opulence and gastronomic delight.

Website: Seeds Yangon
Address: No.63 (A), U Htun Nyein Street, Ward (10), Mayangone Township, Yangon, Myanmar.


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Taing Yin Thar

Taing Yin Thar is a critically acclaimed restaurants that offers diners traditional Burmese dishes from all regions of the country. The food here is of the highest local quality and the prices are affordable as well. Dining here is like taking a week-long trip throughout Myanmar and discovering the country through its regional food offerings!

Website: Taing Yin Thar
Address: No.(2/A), Kanbae Road, (6)Quarter, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.


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Sharky’s is an absolute paradise for meat lovers! Known to be one of the best places to find a good steak in town, this is a place to go when you need a fix for your carnivorous appetites. Everything you find on this menu has been carefully selected and chosen for its artisanal flair and farm to table goodness. The owner blends local resources with Western influences to create a delightful meal every single time!

Website: https://www.sharkys.com.mm/
Address:  No. 117, Dhammazedi Road, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)