Japan is getting famous for its weird-or-not concept cafes. At the dog cafe, you can cuddle puppies while drinking coffee. And people’s creativity is beyond our imaginations to open the snake cafe. Tokyo Snake Center is Japan’s first snake cafe that you can touch snakes and drink coffee and more. Every snake found there can be bred as pets and they are non-poisonous. The staffs take care of snakes’ heath very gently so that no infection of the disease can be worried. So let’s take a look at this interesting place!

Meet the Snake

Walking for 5 minutes from JR Harajuku Station, Tokyo Snake Center is on the 8th floor of the building, which has ramen restaurant Ichiran on the 2nd floor.

The entrance fee is ¥1,000 for each person, one drink included (pay when you leave.) Not only coffee, but also other beverages such as orange juice and hot chocolate, and even beer and cocktails are on the menu (some require the additional fee). Once you decided what you drink and where you have a seat, let’s bring your favorite snake to the table! There is a range of snakes in the clear cage on the left side of the entrance door, and you can take one of them to your table. Some like dancing, some sleep, and some stare at you. Also, each snake has each name which is related to their colors or characteristics. Take one to the table and enjoy looking at them with drinking the beverage. You can change the cage anytime, and as many times as desired. If your glass got empty, you can refill by paying the additional fee from ¥216. Take as many pictures as you want! Taking photo is allowed anywhere inside the cafe. However, using a flashlight is prohibited. Sweets and some snacks inspired by snakes, like Snake Dog (hot dog with the snake-shaped sausage) are also on the menu.

<Rules with snakes in the cage>
Do not beat, shake, or open the cage.
Do not threaten or do mischief snakes on purpose.
No flashlight

Touch the Snake

Although you cannot open the cage, the optional course to touch and hold the snake is prepared. The price changes how many snakes and which snakes you want to touch. To touch two snakes, it costs ¥540 per person and touching four snakes costs ¥1,080. You can touch two snakes for 10 to 15 minutes, and 20 to 30 minutes for four snakes. Before start touching, remove jewelry such as a ring with a big motif, necklace, and watch. After that, sit on the designated red sofa and put the towel on your knee in case the snake may dirt your clothes. Then you can cuddle, touch, and feel the snake on your hand. The staff will be with you by your side so you don’t need to worry about any problems.

The name of two snakes we’ve touched were red-chan and shh-chan. Red-chan was obviously named based on her skin color, while shh-chan was named since she used to make noise sounds like “shhhh!”

You can even put the snake around your neck with the staff’s helping. The chilly body of snake cool down the summer heat or maybe getting warm after a short time.

There are special snakes of the day that you can touch by paying the additional fee. Touching one special snake costs ¥1,080 per person. After touching snakes, don’t forget to wash your hands.

<Rules to touch the snake>
Hold and touch the snake gently. Don’t pull or grasp tightly.
Remove big jewelry and watches before start touching.
In case of snake bites you, keep calm and follow the staff.
The dirt of the clothes cannot be guaranteed (use and put the free towel on your knee.)
Kids under 12 years old must be with guardians.

Look Around the Cafe

Yet, there are still more to look at inside the cafe. Snakes in the cage, being mentioned above, there are pretty decors that snakes can play with applied. One snake has a turtle shell with holes so that she can be turtle by putting her body in. The other has a beautiful house which looks good on her skin color.

Other than that, some goods and souvenirs such as postcards, mugs, and the cast-off skin are sold. In Japan, we believe that the cast-off skin of snakes brings the good luck of money. Put it on your purse and hopefully, you will be rich! And believe or not, baby snakes are even on sale! If you are a permanent resident living alone, the snake may be a good company. The snake food is sold too.


Say Goodbye to Snakes

When you leave, pay your entrance fee ¥1,000 and some more if you touched snakes, or if you grab souvenirs. If you loved the cafe and started thinking to be a regular customer, get a point card. Get one point for one visit and touching experience. By visiting and touching snakes 20 times, you will be a VIP customer and will not have to pay touching fee forever. Snake will remember you, or not.

About the Tokyo Snake Center
Address; Sanpo Sogo Building 8F, 6-5-6, Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001
Hours; 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. (closed on Tuesday)

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Japanese only but some contents are written in English.

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