After sitting inside for a long time, anyone would want to take a break and move their body right? If that sounds familiar to you, read along. Japan is already known for its massive bicycle traffic in the major cities. In light of Covid, there has been an increasing number of people riding bicycles to work instead of taking the train in Tokyo.


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If you are interested in grabbing a bicycle and trying cycling in Japan, whether for daily lifestyle usage or activity. Why don’t you try renting a bicycle first to experience the cycling ambiance in Japan? Read along for where to find bicycles and what you can do to better prepare yourself. 


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Where and how to rent a bicycle?


So before getting started with cycling, you want to get a bicycle. If you are looking for a one-day or a few hours of usage, renting a bicycle from Hello Cycling is recommended. The free application for the rental is required. The pick up and drop off locations are conveniently located around Tokyo. The details of the service and other recommendations are listed below. 


Hello Cycling: 15 minutes 70 yen / 12 hours 1000 yen (bicycles with electric assist)

Cycle Trip Base: 3000 yen ~ 9,000 yen / day depending on the model of the bicycle (mountain, electric, hybrid, road bicycles are available)

Minato-Ku Bicycle sharing: 30 minutes 165 yen (bicycles with electric assist)


Hello Cycling
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Where to go? Cycling routes or cycle freely?


If you live in Tokyo and are used to the streets, cycling freely is liberating and you will be able to enjoy the city and roam around on your own. However, if you are new to Tokyo and especially new to cycling in Tokyo, following cycling routes or booking a guided cycle tour may be the better option. 


Here are some beautiful cycling routes for you to enjoy the city and nature at the same time.


Riverbanks: no traffic, beautiful scenery, long rides


Japan sunset
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Map of the cycling route around Lake Tama.
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City Routes: get to know Tokyo more, immerse in the city life



  • Lake Tama Cycle Route (10km)



  • Kanda River Cycle (18km)


      • Takadanobaba -> Inokashira Park -> Pass Shimo-Ochiai Station -> Nakano Ward -> Suginami Ward -> Tsukayama Park -> Mitakadai Station (Inokashira Line) -> Inokashira Park


  • Yamanote line loop (35km)


    • 29 stations of the JR Yamanote Line. Start anywhere and finish anywhere as you’d like. 


JR Shinjuku Station where you’ll pass during Yamanote Loop Cycling
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Rules and Etiquettes when riding a bicycle in Japan


To look in detail about the rules present by the National Police Agency see below: 

Source: Japan National Police Agency


Common unwritten rules and manners:

  • If not necessary, refrain from using your bell as it is regarded the same as honking your car. But only if it’s unnecessary.
  • It’s okay to ride on the sidewalk, but not too fast.
  • Ride on the left side of the road.
  • Always pause a little when crossing a smaller road (it may seem empty, but a car or another bicycle can come out flying in any minute).
  • Front light is required by law when cycling at night.
  • Don’t park anywhere, and always look for a sign if the parking charges hourly fee or not.


Stop sign for bicycles in Japan
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As long as you keep looking out for these signs to make a little stop at the intersections, your drive will be smooth as a sailing boat. Hope this article helped you in starting your cycling journey in Tokyo.