Japan is famous for its sushi, and so, for its fish. Tokyo used to have the Tsukiji Fish Market. This market moves to a new location in 2018, but the outer market still remains. On the outer market, a variety of restaurants and fish stores can be found.  The new location is the Toyosu Market.

At the Toyosu Market you’ll find many types of fish which you might have never seen before. You can buy fish that are still alive to ones that are dried up in plastic bags. There are lots of places where you can try ‘uni’. Uni is the inside of a sea urchin, and very popular in Japan.

In the mornings you might be able to attend a live tuna auction, where you can see all the tuna laying there, and being sold. You will be able to see the freshest fish at these auction. The market opens at 05:00 in the morning, when the auction starts, and most stores at the market are open until noon or early afternoon.

The fish market is something that is definitely worth checking out, and it’s a popular tourist spot in Tokyo. Most people go to the market to test out types of food they have never tried before, because of the variety of fish the market has to offer.


The best way to get to Tsukiji Market is to get off at ‘Tsukiji Station’. From here, it is a 3-minute walk to the market itself. The best way to get to Toyosu Market is to get off at ‘Shijo-Mae Station’ or ‘Shin-Toyosu Station’. From both stations it is a 3-minute walk to the market.