Osaka is the birthplace of Okonomiyaki and is the favourite comfort food of the city. Its made with lots of wheat flour, Japanese cabbage and yam and grilled with thin slices of pork, seafood or beef. Mizuno is the most popular Okonomiyaki eatery in Dotonbori area and is a family owned joint which is sure to satisfy your tastebuds. Mizuno has been featured in the Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand as well to add on to its other accolades. Another popular spot is Chibo Okonomiyaki and you can see the snaking queues to eat there during dinner time. Chibo is an international brand and has franchises overseas as well.


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Kinguemon is the place you’re looking for if you like to try Osaka style ramen. Kinguemon has won many awards for serving up the best shoyu-based ramen in Osaka, making this tiny ramen bar a must-visit for ramen fans. The salty ramen goodness comes in three styles: gold, red or black. There’s the standard Kin Shoyu Ramen, which is a golden ramen that’s light on soy. But, for those who like their ramen dark and strong, try their signature Osaka Black, a punchy dark shoyu broth thick with curly noodles and topped with tender charsiu slices and shallots.



The best place to try Osaka style Takoyaki is at Kukuru at Dotonbori. You can locate it by looking for the large red Octopus signboard above the shop. The Takoyaki is piping hot and with a soft exterior and a fluffy interior with juicy crunchy bits of octopus. The sauce on top the Takoyaki with bonito flakes add an extra umami flavour to the dish.


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Osaka the birth place of takoyaki 🐙

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Kani Douraku is identified by a giant crab signboard over its shopfront. The main shop is located at the centre of Dotonburi and is an iconic seven-story restaurant that specializes in crab dishes. There serve crab legs and crab sushi, steamed crab, boiled crab, crab prepared in custard or soup, stir-fried or raw. The must-try here is the Alaskan and Snow Crab. You can order ala-carte or get the set menu for a crabbylicious meal!



The spot to have sushi at Dotonbori is at Genrokuzushi. Conveyor belt sushi was invented here in Genrokuzushi in 1958 and remains one of the most popular conveyor belt restaurants in Japan. A meal here is inexpensive and you can watch the sushi chefs prepare your meal in front of your eyes. You can also order from the menu for something unique and fresh.


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初めて #元禄寿司 に行って驚いたわ!この #寿司屋 ほんまに #大阪 の店なん?!#回転寿司 を開発した店で #道頓堀 にある店なんかいつも大行列してんのにめちゃ不味かった!並んどう人らは回転寿司を開発した店やから有名になっただけで、誰も味がえぇなんか言うてないって知っとるんやろか?不味い不味い #寿司 出しとる上に<ここは外国か?!>と勘違いするくらい店員はほぼみんな日本語が通じひんかった!とてもやないけどプライドのある大阪府民がやっとる店やとわ思んわ〜 #genrokuzushi #genrokusushi #dotonbori #namba #難波 #shinsaibashi #心斎橋 #osakafood #大阪グルメ #sushi #kaitensushi #sushitrain #japanesefood #dotonboristreet #osakafoodtrip #tabearuki #食べ歩き #kansai #関西 #関西グルメ #foodtravel #foodpics #japan

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Kushi Katsu

Ganso Kushi Katsu Daruma is the spot to try Osaka’s famous dish – Kushi Katsu. Kushi Katsu is skewered meat or vegetables that is dipped in panko batter and then deep fried and served. Daruma’s Kushi Katsu is considered to be one of the oldest and best (open since 1929). Its a small diner that only has counter seating so expect a long queue. With 40 over options, it is well worth the wait to try! Daruma Kushikatsu is open daily from 11:30am to 10:30pm.