Songkran 2019 will be held from 13-15 April 2019 all over Thailand. Come to Thailand during Songkran to see the Kingdom of Thailand celebrate the New Year with all its festive glory. Join in the world’s biggest water fights and witness ancient rituals and traditions! WithTravel brings you the ultimate guide to Songkran 2019 to help you plan a trip you will never forget.


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What to Bring

– Water guns / Super soakers / Buckets of Water

– Extra clothes and underwear (You’ll get soaked through)

– Waterproof case for your phone, camera, and wallet

– Sunglasses (Don’t bring branded ones, as they might get ruined!)

– Cold medicine (You might catch a cold as you will be wet all day & night.)

Keep in Mind

– Learn the phrase “Sawadee Pee Mai!” which is wishing you Happy Thai New Year.

– There’s no way to avoid getting wet. Just accept it and have fun.

– However, if you want to stay dry, stay inside the shopping malls and hotels.

– You might get powder thrown on you. It stings if it gets in your eyes, so be sure to wear sunglasses!

– Monks are highly respected in Thailand, do now throw water at them.

Best spots for water flight in Bangkok.

Khaosan Road: This historical center of the backpacker tourist area is turned into a massive water battleground during Songkran. Be prepared for a large crowd here!

– Silom: The most popular Songkran spot for Thai locals. The highlight here is to get in front of red fire trucks which will spray you with their powerful water hoses.

– Siam Square: There are various events and EDM festivals during Songkran here which make you want to dance and water fight at the same time!

– RCA (Clubbing area): If you love partying, RCA is the place to go during Songkran at night! It offers the best overall experience combining clubbing and water fight.