atta is a travel metasearch app that helps travellers save time & money. Launched in July 2019, the atta app was launched after a year of intensive development and data collection. In this article, we will discuss the key features of atta that will help you save time & money and make your travel booking process much simpler and with less hassle!

Features of atta

Global coverage

Travellers can search for flights to and from 4400 airports globally on the atta app. Travellers can also search for more than 2.3 million hotels, ryokans, private lodgings, villas and inns around the world on the atta app. Whatever flight or hotel you are looking for, atta will help you find it!

Search just once for various travel sites

On the atta app, you can easily search and compare flights and hotels on offer from many travel sites all at once. The travel sites that we partner with include Expedia,,,, Agoda, Airbnb and Rakuten Travel. Using atta will save you lots of time, making your trip planning process much simpler and easier!

Predicting the probability that the accommodation and flight ticket prices will be cheaper in the future

The atta app uses AI to analyze the demand trends of room rates and flight ticket prices and then predicts the probability that the current price will drop further in the future. If there is a high probability, then there is no rush to book now, just set a PriceAlert and wait for the price to drop!

PriceAlerts and vacancy alert functions

After you successfully set up a PriceAlert, the atta app will automatically send notifications to your smartphone once the price of the desired accommodation or flight ticket price has dropped or when a vacancy opens up in a previously unavailable accommodation. No more frantic checking for updates in prices, we’ll do it for you, you just sit back and wait for our PriceAlert notifications.

Search All Destinations Flight Ticket Search Functionality

If you have not yet decided where to go for your next holiday, fret not. Simply enter the departure airport and desired travel dates and we will show you the list of available travel destinations in ascending order of ticket prices, starting with the cheapest. We make it easy for you to find your desired destination, even if you haven’t made your mind up yet!

About atta Inc.

atta Inc. is the company that operates the atta app. atta Inc. was founded in Tokyo, Japan in March 2018 and opened an office in Singapore in March 2019. The atta app is available in English and Japanese as of Dec 2019, with more languages slated to come in 2020. atta Inc. is a travel-tech startup that attempts to solve the pain points that travellers feel when planning their travels.