On days that are too hot or too cold, or days with bad weather, it’s only natural to want to stay indoors, even though you’ve come to Kyoto. Even with bad weather, you can have an amazing experience in Kyoto with indoor attractions!

Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium, was founded in 2012, and is a popular tourist spot in Japan. You will see penguins, seals, and many more. You can also watch a dolphin show at the dolphin stadium.

Stop to see the African penguins and see them roaming freely between the penguin area and the dolphin stadium, so you can even see how they walk and see their footprints.

Additionally, while you can also use the Kyoto City Bus from Kyoto Station by alighting at the “Nananjo Omiya / Kyoto Aquarium” bus stop, they are only 15 minutes apart on foot, so access is easy. This is a great place to enjoy in 2 to 3 hours if you find yourself with a bit of extra free time.

URL: http://www.kyoto-aquarium.com/en/


Kyoto Railway Museum

The Kyoto Railway Museum opened in 2016 as the “hub of railway culture that progresses with its community.” Learn about the history and culture of the railway by seeing materials not available elsewhere and hands-on displays of life-sized trains.

Both train lovers and those who normally don’t give them a thought will be interested by seeing and actually riding on the life-sized models.

On the 1st floor of this 3-story building is a fan-shaped depot and factory, which visitors of all ages will enjoy.

For those who want to learn more by looking at materials, the 3rd floor has a library reference room. There’s a gallery, and books and other works all about railways.

For more information on tickets, please visit the homepage.

URL: http://www.kyotorailwaymuseum.jp/en/


The Museum of Kyoto

At the Museum of Kyoto, you can learn all about the history and culture of Kyoto. A 7-minute walk from the Hankyu Line’s Karasuma Station or a 3-minute walk from the city subway Karasuma Oike Station, the museum is right in the heart of Kyoto’s busiest downtown area (the Kawaramachi-Karasuma district). This museum is a great place to visit even if you only have an hour free, so why not add it into your itinerary?

In addition to the general exhibitions, there are also occasional special exhibitions. In the film theater, you can see a black and white picture for ¥500. The selections are perfect for those interested in the history of film, or those who enjoy old movies.

URL: http://www.bunpaku.or.jp/en/


Everything by bus!

What’s great about these three spots is that they are all accessible by city bus. With the bus, you can easily move about the city even on a rainy day. A one-day pass for the city bus is ¥600 for adults. One trip in the flat-rate zone costs ¥230, so the one-day pass is cost-effective if you plan to take the bus three or more times.