MCDONALD’S welcomes Springtime with the “Teritama” Burger! The luxurious combo of “Thick Sliced Pastrami Beef Teritama” Burger and “Iwate White Peach Drink” 

McDonald’s will release the spring classic “てりたま”・“Teritama” burger series from March 3, 2021. Three new mouth-watering burgers with Teriyaki-sauce glazed pork patties, “はみでるパストラミビーフてりたま”・“Thick Sliced Pastrami Beef Teritama”, “てりたまマフィン”・”Teritama Muffin” from Morning Mac, “チーズてりたま”・“Cheddar Cheese Teritama” and a seasonal pastel-pink drink will be released all at once.

The “Teritama” family line

Firstly introduced to the market in 1996, the symbolic “Teritama” has been loved by many Japanese gourmets for more than 20 years. With the special recipes for the Teriyaki sauce made of gingers, apples, a fleeting touch of aromatic garlic covered the fatty pork patties, combined with the soft over-easy egg, this mix-match burger represents a twist of traditional Japanese cuisine. 

This year, McDonald’s introduced to three more members to the “Teritama” family tree, instead of having only the usual one like last spring. In the mood to level up your tastebuds? A slice of melting ‘Chedda Cheese’ could change the whole game. If feeling kind of luxury for a burger meal, definitely don’t miss out on the peppery twist of a ‘Thick Pastrami Beef Slice’.

The brand has also added a breakfast version of ‘Teritama’ with ‘Teritama Muffin’. All those goodness is embraced between the soft chewiness of English muffin. New texture, new day to start the day off, isn’t it?

Seasonal Peachy Drink and limited time ‘Shaka Shaka Potato Ginger Chicken Karaage” Powder 

That’s not all the spring menu offers. 

The refreshing scent and the natural sweetness of white peach in “マックフィズ 岩手県産白桃“・”McFiz Iwate White Peach” and マックフロート 岩手県産白桃“・ “McFloat Iwate White Peach”. 

The crispiness and spiciness of fried chicken with soy-sauce based shake powder,  シャカシャカポテト 鶏にんにくから揚げ味“・”Shaka Shaka Potato Chicken Garlic Karaage Flavor”. 

Perfect for an afternoon snack!


Sale Time:March 3rd, 2021 ~ April, 2021

Source: Japan McDonald’s