Crepes, roll cakes, Mitarashi dango, warabi mochi… Osaka features many shops which offer amazing desserts and wagashi which are both delicious and beautifully presented. Today we will be introducing several popular shops, including lovely old wagashi shops and stylish cafes, which stand out among Osaka’s greatest offerings.


Creperie Alcyon is perfect for crepe lovers


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Consistently included in Osaka top cafe rankings, Creperie Alcyon specializes in crepes. Just outside of Namba Station, its yellow walls and French flag are hard to miss. The interior is also made up in a fashionable French style. Outside the shop you are likely to see a line of people waiting to eat their authentic crepes. There are two types of crepes here. The savory “galette” is recommended at lunch time, while the dessert crepes are recommended for other times. We recommend the “Suzette” crepe, topped with orange-butter cream and vanilla ice cream. The bittersweet sauce, cool ice cream, and spongey, freshly made crepes come together beautifully. They also have unique seasonal crepes such as the “Mont Blanc” and the “Fox,” made with pumpkin cream and soybean flour mochi.

■ Creperie Alcyon
Open hour:
11302130Last Order) Monday 〜 Friday
11002130Last Order) Saturday
11002100Last Order) Sunday and National Holidays



Cafe Salon de Mon cher, home of the “Dojima Roll”


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The Dojima Roll is a hugely popular gift choice in Japan’s Kansai region, but if you want to enjoy it yourself, Salon de Mon cher is the place to go. The interior of this famous cafe features a giant chandelier along with gold and red walls which make for a very elegant feeling. The cream used in the Dojima Roll is made with milk from Hokkaido. It is not overly sweet and has a smooth texture. The “Egg SandwichDojima Roll” set puts that famous roll cake together with an egg sandwich, and has been a hugely popular combination since the shop’s opening.

■ Cafe Salon de Mon cher
Open our:10:0021:00



Experience traditional flavors unchanged at Kiyasuso Honpo Main Shop


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It would be hard to find a person in Osaka who doesn’t know about Kiyasuso Honpo. Established in 1948, this hugely famous traditional wagashi shop offers “mitarashi dango” that you must try at least once if you visit the city. Passing by this shop on the street, one notices the drifting scent of the shop’s “tare” sauce, sugar and soy sauce toasting together. At the main location, they prepare your order right in front of you, so you can enjoy piping hot dango with the lovely grill marks. The springy dango balls and the sweet, fragrant sauce come together as you chew, making for a very delicious bite! There are also locations at JR Shin-Osaka Station, Daimaru Umeda store, and Osaka Takashimaya where you can purchase mitarashi dango gift sets.

■Kiyasuso Honpo
Open Hour :
002300 Monday 〜 Saturday
 8:002200 Sunday and National Holidays




Try using a stone mortar at Bashoudo


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Bahoudo is an unusual wagashi production studio where you can try grinding black soybeans yourself using a stone mortar in order to make “kinako,” or soybean flour. Sprinkle the freshly ground kinako, black molasses, red bean jam, and matcha over warabi mochi for a taste you won’t forget! They offer cold, refreshing warabi mochi in the summer and piping hot warabi mochi in the winter. You can also make your own matcha tea, so it’s an all-around great spot to experience Japanese food culture with your friends.

Open hour:11:0021:00

Osaka has many shops where you can try delicious western treats and Japanese wagashi treats. We hope you enjoy scouting out your favorite shops in the city!