Enoshima Island and Kamakura’s street foods are one of a kind. Filled with unique sweets and local seafood, here are some of the must-trys. The prices are included and updated as of March 2021.

kamakura beach with fuji san in the background
Enoshima Beach with Mt. Fugi in the background. Photo by gausshiroemon@ig


Enoshima’s Street Foods

Kamakura’s Sweet Gourmet Spots

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Enoshima’s Street Foods

giant rice cracker
Giant Shrimpy and Octopus Rice Cracker. Photo by konpanchan@ig

Whole Octopus Rice Cracker (Maruyaki Takosenbei)

Usually has the longest line out of all the vendors, this rice cracker is one of the most popular snacks at Enoshima. A whole octopus is used to make one senbei and you can see many visitors eating the crackers on the spot while it’s hot around the vendor. (350 yen)

whitebait cheese ball skewers
Whitebait (Shirasu) bread with Cream Cheese filling. Photo by janaarubyjane@ig

Whitebait (Shirasu) bread with Cream Cheese filling

Biting into the bun, the cheese fills your mouth mixed with the whitebait bread to create a perfect mixture of cheese and the taste of seafood. It is best when it’s served hot. (250 yen)

deep-fried whitebaits in paper bag
Deep-fried Whitebaits.Photo by janaarubyjane@ig

Deep-fried Whitebaits

Usually goes perfectly with a cold beer on a summer night on the beach, it can also be enjoyed while walking and taking a stroll on the island (200 yen)

Meoto Manju. Photo by matha4818@ig

Meoto Manju

Sweet Steamed Buns – these sweets are enjoyable cold or hot. (300 yen)

croquette with black filling
Croquette with black shirasu.

Croquette with black shirasu

This croquette can only be made near the sea and only one of them can make you fuller (150 yen)

ice-cream sandwiches
Ice-cream sandwiches for 400 yen. Photo by gausshiroemon@ig

Ice cream sandwich with ice cream and red beans

Ice-cream and breads, the unexpectedly yummy combo for a summer day. (400 yen)

girlled squids
Soy-sauce Grilled Squids. Photo by Getty Image

Soy sauce grilled squid

A whole squid grilled with savory soy sauce. Chewy and Sweet in your mouth, just for 600 yen.

seaweed youkan skewer
Seaweed Youkan (Jelly). Photo by k_adihcam@ig

Nori Yōkan

Jelly-like sweet with seaweed and white beans. You can also buy packaged yokan as a gift. (200 yen)

shirasu and shrimp rice bowl
Shirasu Rice Bowl. Photo by janaarubyjane@ig

Shirasu Rice Bowl

Not really a snack but rather the main dish. This has to be on the must-try list at Enoshima. The calcium-rich bowl of whitebait sometimes combined with small shrimps is an excellent way to taste the sea nearby. 

Kamakura’s Sweet Gourmet Spots

Just like Enoshima, there are many seafood-rich snacks and street food vendors in Kamakura. But there are also many different types of delicious sweets and desserts, perfect for those with even the slightest sweet tooth.

Soft Ice Cream

With flavors like sweet potato and topped with marshmallows and many more (350 yen) 

Croquette with unique fillings

With fillings like beef, purple sweet potato, black sesame, sour plum with shiso leaf, chocolate. (200 yen)

Inari Sushi

Go wild with a variety of fillings or go classic with only rice in the sweet soft tofu skin for 250 yen

Cooking of tamagoyaki(Japanese eggs rolled omelet)


Melting-in-your-mouth omelette on a stick, anyone? (250 yen)

dango with red bean paste on a stick
Dango – Japanese rice dumpling made of green tea and red bean. Photo by iStocks

Dango Stick

Sweetened rice cake with various toppings. (200 yen)

matcha gelato parfait
Matcha Gelato in a parfait cup

Matcha Gelato

Rich flavor of matcha can be experienced fully here. The perfect companion on a hot day on the beach. (450 yen)

Kannon Cafe’s Crepe. Photo by yujiro0617@ig

Kamakura Special Crepes

Special to Kamakura’s Daibutsu (the Buddhist Temple) this crepe is sold at Kannon Cafe.  (500 yen)

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