At Gion, you can enjoy the traditional Kyonomachi. Here you will find classic wooden architecture, traditional cafes and specialty tea shops all along the streets. This area is full of famous Kyoto spots, such as the nearby Kiyomizu-dera, Yasaka Shrine, and Shijo Bridge crossing the Kamo River.

Choose your favorite kimono and stroll around Gion!

First, rent a kimono at the Kyoto Gionya, where many stylish kimono are offered. It is located in the center of Gion, making it perfect for accessing sightseeing locations! The shops offers more than 300 specialty kimonos and yukatas with varying designs and styles. After selecting the kimono with your favorite design, the fitter will dress you beautifully. Additionally you can choose from the wide variety of specialty accessories to add to your outfit.

Kyoto Gionya
Open hour:9:0019:00




The colorful monkeys are a big hit! Yasaka Koshindo

About a 10 minute walk from Kyoto Gionya. The Yasaka Koshindo temple, known for its colorful “tied monkeys,” is a recommended photo spot. At this temple it is said that your dreams will come true if you harness your “greed.” Therefore, if you write and hang your wish from the “tied monkeys” whose hands and feet are bound because they cannot suppress their desire, it is said that your wish will come true. A unique finger-sized charm with a monkey’s face called  a”finger monkey” is also popular. It is so your “fingers become deft” like a monkey.

Yasaka Koshindo



Emotional road to the Kiyomizu-dera

Many souvenir shops line the road that approaches the Kiyomizu-dera. You can find traditional shops that sells everythings from umbrellas to ceramic products to Japanese fans. It’s the perfect spot for shopping. You can also try specialty desserts that are only available here like cream puffs and soft cream.

Kyoto’s picturesque view on the Kiyomizu stage


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Kiyomizu-dera is a must-see when visiting Kyoto. It has a long history going back to the end of the Nara period. The main temple hall at Kiyomizu-dera on Mt. Otowa is well-known as the “Kiyomizu stage,  and from this stage built to protrude forward you can see a beautiful view of Kyoto city. This building is also designated as a national treasure. The “Jishu shrine” on the north side of Kiyomizu-dera has blessings for married couples and those looking for love. It is said that if you close your eyes and safely walk from one stone to another placed ten meters away at this shrine, you will attain love.

Open hour:
6:0018:30 (Aug and Sep)
6:0018:00 (Others)



Eat luxurious seasonal Kyoto ingredients! Tempura Yasaka Endo


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For the evening, how about some extravagant tempura that uses seasonal Kyoto ingredients? At “Yasaka Endo,” originally founded as a tea house in the Meiji period, you can have crisp and delicious tempura with no greasiness. This is a popular Kyoto tempura shop where you can taste tempura and kaiseki dishes made with seasonal ingredients. The recommended set meal comes with 12 special choice dishes, with specialty seasonal ingredients used according to the Chef’s desire to satisfy your tastebuds. For counter seating, the dishes are fried one by one in front of you so you can enjoy the meal at your own relaxed pace.

Yasaka Endo
Open hour:
11:30〜15:00  (Lunch)


The kimono experience and sightseeing at Gion will surely become some of your most wonderful memories! By all means, please visit sites such as Yasaka Koshindo and Kiyomizudera while wearing a beautiful kimono.