A garden full of Nemophila, also known as Baby Blue Eyes is a sight you must see in your lifetime. One way you can do that is to visit the Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan.


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Nemophila in full bloom at Hitachi Seaside Park source: unsplash


Nemophila, which is believed to have a healing and somewhat motivating effect in the beholder’s eyes is fully blown in the flower garden park Hitachi. The best view is attainable from late April to early May, when the Nemophilas bloom to the fullest. 


The ocean-like view of the flower garden connected with the skyline seems as if the land and the sky are connected infinitely. This feeling is irreplaceable and that’s why you must have this park on your list of things to do in Japan.


Nemophila in Ibaraki, Japan
The flowers seem like it stretches infinitely into the sky source: @janaarubyjane on instagram


Hitachi Seaside Park


The public garden also has many other types of flowers and various places to walk around in nature as it spans across 350 hectares. You’d have to access Miharashi Hill in the park for a great view of the ocean as well as the whole garden itself.


Nemophila in Ibaraki, Japan
You can see the ocean on top of the Miharashi HIll source: @janaarubyjane on instagram


Previously, the blue nemophila was highlighted for springtime. But the park is perfect for any other season for nature lovers. For instance, in the fall the kochia and cosmos are visible and instead of blue, the park will be filled with red and orange leaves. 

Spring: Tulips, Nemophila, Narcissus 

Summer: Nemophila, Rose, Zinnias

Fall: Cosmos, Kochia

Flowers in Japan
The colors of Spring 2021 source: @janaarubyjane on instagram


Aside from the seasonal specialties, the park has outdoor food courts and playgrounds for children to play in. There are even small theme park attractions for the ones who love some thrills. And of course, there are flowers and greens everywhere. You may sit under the wisteria tree and enjoy your lunch or walk on a sideroad with tulips around. 


Day Trip Ideas

Wisteria Trees
Wisteria Trees spotted around the park. source: Unsplash


  • The entrance fee of the park is 700 yen (as of May 2021). 
  • Spend about 2 to 3 hours walking around the park, taking lots of pictures.
  • Head to one of the food stalls and enjoy some Japanese food (Yakisoba, Takoyaki, etc) or Hitachi Beef Skewers or squid skewers. 
  • Play around the park: you may go to the small theme park or rent a bicycle and ride around the park.
  • End the day with an ice cream or crepe of your choice under the Wisteria Tree. 
  • Bonus: if you can visit the nearby beach, it would be a great end of the day activity as well. 





Nemophila in Ibaraki, Japan
Nemophila in full bloom at Hitachi Seaside Park source: unsplash


Tip: Take a careful look at the weather forecast. Clear and warm days with less wind are the best! If you couldn’t make it this spring, don’t forget to put it on your list for next year!