In Hokkaido, summer is cooler than Honshu (the main island of Japan) like Tokyo and Kyoto.
And Hokkaido has so many attractive places and delicious foods.

However, you can’t say you went sightseeing in Hokkaido if you don’t go sightseeing in Sapporo.
So, I’m going to introduce you to three recommendations in Sapporo.

Odori Park

What do you imagine about Sapporo?
Clock Tower??

No! No!!
Odori park has some color in each season.
In summer, there are many flowers.
Every day, this place is full of people like families, friends, couples, and students.
You should come here If you want to enjoy the Japanese atmosphere of summer in Sapporo.

In addition, there is one of the biggest Beer Garden in Japan.
You walk around this park in the afternoon, and in the night, you drink with your friends.
What a brilliant day!


Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill

Hitsuzigaoka Hill is famous for the statue of Dr. William Clark.
Hitsuzigaoka is rich in natural beauty, so you can spend a relaxing time.

The best thing of all, grilled mutton called “Genghis Khan” is so delicious.
Genghis Khan is a local specialty in Hokkaido.

I recommend you to eat Genghis Khan.



Fireworks festival at Toyohira River

Summer is about fireworks. This is one of the Japanese beauty.
Of course in Sapporo, there are fireworks festivals in Japanese “Matsuri”!
Sapporo is a big city, but it has nature.
So, we can watch amazing fireworks.

About the fireworks festival at Toyohira River and other fireworks festival



At this time, I recommended you three places.
But, there are more attractive places and foods in Sapporo and Hokkaido.
Since you come to Japan, might as well come to Sapporo!


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