Atami is a stimulating seaside town one hour from Tokyo by shinkansen. It’s known as an onset town with many ryokans, nice beaches and fun nightlife. The name Atami is literally translated “hot ocean.” These are the perfect worlds to describe it.


Atami has some great onsen resort hotels and villas overlooking the sea. If you’ve never been to an onsen, you must experience this unique Japanese style of relaxation.


Atami has a great number of interesting accommodation options including rooms with private onsen. You have to try these out for yourself!


Atami beach is protected from breaking waves and isn’t a surfing beach so its best for sunbathing. As such, it gets crowded during the Japan’s short 6 week beach season during July & August.


Like the town itself, Atami’s hotel bars and lounges will bring you back in time to the 80s and 90s. 1987. Atami also has an old traditional red light district.


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Diving Tours

Diving tours are available from Atami. These should be booked in advance especially during the summer months. Diving excursions in Japan are typically packaged with hotel and transportation.


Atami is a mysterious little town packed with history and color. It sits on the edge of steep cliffs with thick growth mountain forests behind it. As a photographer, it will definitely get your heart pumping with excitement.

Kinomiya Shrine

Kinomiya Jinja Shrine, has long been known as an auspicious place where the God of fortune and luck resides. In Japan there is the belief that “Gods dwell in all things of nature”.  For this very reason, shrines have sacred water and sacred trees. Kinomiya shrine has a natural designated monument, a sacred tree called “Okusu” which is more than 2,000 years old. It is said that wishes come true when you go around the sacred tree without telling anyone of your wish.  Each year, to mark this event a festival known as the “Burning festival” is held from July 14 to 16. The wooden statue is placed on a “mikoshi”, a portable shrine, and carried to Sun Beach.  Along the way, the monkey deity dressed in high-heeled clogs with a Tengu mask sprinkles burnt wheat on people, which is said to help prevent illness.


Atami offers regular Sunday night hanabi in summer. The show is amongst Japan’s best fireworks display festivals in the summer! This historic fireworks display that first commenced in 1952, is held not only in summer but more than 10 times annually throughout the entire year, an event unique to Atami.  Set in Atami Bay, the exploding fireworks reverberate creating sound effects that resemble a large stadium with the nearby rocks.  The full impact of some 5000 fireworks set off in the night sky, reflected in the ocean water is a sight of fantastic beauty not to be missed.


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Izu Oshima

Izu Oshima (伊豆大島, Izu Ōshima) is the largest of the Izu Islands, a group of volcanic islands close in proximity to the Atami Bay. At the heart of Izu Oshima is the 758 meter tall Mount Mihara, an active volcano which is the source of several interesting sites and various onsens on the island. Beaches at the island’s coasts are great for snorkeling, sunbathing and other beach activities during summer. Oshima is also known for its camellia flowers, which can be spotted almost everywhere from around January through March.

Atami Castle

Atami Castle (熱海城, Atamijō) was built as a tourist attraction in 1959 on a mountaintop overlooking Atami despite the fact that the city historically never had such a castle. The touristy concrete complex houses an exhibition about the different popular  Japanese castles. Visitors can also dress up in Edo era costumes and try solving Japanese riddles. Atami Castle stands 100 meters above sea level, and its top floor offers panoramic views over Atami and Sagami Bay. The castle grounds are a popular spot to see cherry blossoms once a year typically around late March and early April.


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