Udon is a common noodle eaten in Japan, at home and at restaurants, and it is one of the most beloved Japanese comfort food. The reasons for its popularity are that it’s tasty, healthy and affordable, and also it’s a delicious dish which pairs well with many different flavours. Atta would like to introduce 10 special udon places in Tokyo, which take their pride to serve best Udon dishes!

Sanuki Udon Bukkakeya

Nestled near the Nishi-nippori station, Sanuki Udon Bukkakeya is a favourite with the residents of the area who pack the restaurant during lunch time. Udon here is done the traditional way and served with tempura vegetables. The favourite here is Udon served with butter, egg and mentaiko and its packed full of umami flavour!

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Daitsune (大常)

Daitsune used to be a vegetable store run since the Edo era, and the 5th generation owner of this long-established grocer is a hardcore Udon lover who has since converted his business to a classic home-made Udon restaurant. Thanks to their long history and deep connection with wholesales vegetable suppliers, they still manage to serve delicious and fresh seasonal vegetables in addition to their Udon dish. Some unique ones like Avocado Udon or Fresh Tomato Udon are their popular dishes on the menu.

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Hanayama Udon (花山うどん)

Hanayama Udon’s main branch is located in Gunma Prefecture and their first branch in Tokyo has just opened in 2017, after winning Japan’s biggest Udon Competition for the third time in a row. Hanayama Udon specialty is a regional favourite, Onihimokawa Udon which is uniquely shaped in flat and wide, and has surprisingly good taste.

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Anpuku (あんぷく)

If you think Udon is a boring dish that lacks of taste and spice? Then you have to eat at Anpuku. Anpuku is an unique Udon restaurant, offering innovative fusion Udon dishes, such as Beef Tendon Black Curry and Carbonara and many more. It’s definitely the most exciting Udon restaurant in Tokyo.

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Shodai (初代)

Shodai is a Japanese restaurant, serving authentic Japanese cuisine including Udon and Soba noodles. Shodai’s Udon dish hit the internet in 2017 and went viral as “the most insta-worthy Udon noodle”! The whipped cream alike pure white fluffy sauce which covers Udon noodle is actually a potato based sauce, so it’s not sweet, and when you dig in your chopsticks, noodles covered in brown curry sauce appears. The combination of mild potato sauce and spicy curry sauce makes a perfect combination.

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Shin Udon (慎 うどん)

If you are quite familiar with Udon noodles, you may already heard this restaurants. Shin Udon is often called the best Udon in Tokyo and it is very very popular. The passionate owner chef has been on the quest for the perfection of Udon noodles, and truly committed to the process of making good Udon dishes for each customers everyday.

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Kagawa Ichifuku in Kanda (香川 一福)


Udon Maruka in Jinbocho (うどん丸香)

Udon Maruka is another specialty shop where their Udon has a real Sanuki Udon texture, chewy yet soft. The place is very popular that people line up always, but queue lines move pretty fast.

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Kamaage Udon Hatsutomi in Edogawabashi (釜揚げうどん はつとみ)

Hatsutomi’s specialty is Kamaage Udon, it’s a type of Udon that is cooked without cooling the noodles before serving. The udon is from Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu region. Their Udon is rather thin and when you slurp their udon, you can feel the smooth texture.

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Ginza Sato Yosuke (銀座 佐藤養助)

Sato Yosuke offers Inaniwa Udon in Ginza. Inaniwa Udon is a type of Udon from Akita Prefecture which is very thin compared with normal Udon. Satoyosuke was founded on 1860 in Akita Prefecture, and continues to be loved by people in Tokyo.

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