Bar-hop in Ura Namba

Ura-Namba refers to the “underbelly” of Osaka’s bustling Namba district and is filled with exciting eateries, izakaya bars and drinking establishments. Stretching between Namba Grand Kagetsu and Sakaisuji, you can spend an entire night hopping between tiny bars and izakayas that dish up a wide range of great food and drinks. Don’t miss the chance to visit the 1970s Misono Building where you’ll find dozens of tiny bars and a lively atmosphere.

How to get there: You can reach this area by train. From Namba Station, walk through the Nan Nan Town underground shopping center to exit E7 (the exit for Tower Records). Go outside and take a left down the nearest alley, which marks the start of the Ura-Namba area.


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Exploring the streets of the Ura-Namba area can be a lot of fun. All the bars & restaurants are open at night so it’s a great place to do a little bar hopping and have a look around. . 大阪ファンの旅行者にめちゃ人気なのが『裏大阪』 ちょっと怖いとか思った?? そんなことないからまずは行ってみて!! その中でもビギナーにおすすめなのが「裏なんば」✨ 安くてうまいお店がいっぱいでディープな穴場スポット! 居酒屋や立ち飲み屋でちょい飲みするハシゴ酒が楽しい!! …ところで表大阪ってなんなんやろ。。。 . #osakabars #uranamba #osakaexploring #裏なんば #裏大阪 #大阪グルメ #OSAKA #maido #withOsakaBob

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Bar-hop in Ura Tenma

Hidden behind Tenma Station, Ura-Tenma is another vibrant nightlife hub where you can find tons of bars and restaurants. It centers around the highly Instagrammable Chochin-dori, which is an arcade that is magically illuminated by approximately 700 lanterns. Whether you want to feast on spare ribs and wash it down with beer or slowly sip sake with small fried bar snacks, there’s something to suit all tastes along this iconic street.

How to get there: You can reach this area by train. From Tenma Station, Ura Tenma is located on a side street around Tenjinbashi 5-chome just a short walk away.

Club at Kitashinchi

Boasting some of the best and finest clubs in Osaka, Kitashinchi lies just north of the popular Osaka Station and exudes a special and sophisticated atmosphere. It features narrow streets that are brightly lit up by bright flashing neon signs and are filled with high-class bars, clubs and tiny restaurants serving sake and sashimi. It was once a popular geisha area and is now frequented by Japanese businessmen entertaining their international clients.

How to get there: You can reach this area by train. Just get off at Kitashinchi station or JR Osaka station.

Tsutenkaku and JamJam-Yokocho

With the iconic “Eiffel Tower of Osaka” towering above, this awesome area has a fabulous working class feel. It’s jam packed with 24-hour shops and cheap eateries where you can feast on kushikatsu (skewered fried meats), as well as plenty of bars serving affordable cocktails and drinks. It’s named after the Tsutenkaku tower, which was once the tallest structure in all of Japan and was rebuilt following World War II.

How to get there: You can reach this area by train. Just get off at Shinseikai station.

Party at Shinsaibashi

For mega dance clubs Shinsaibashi has some of the best venues in Osaka. Sam and Dave is the popular place for late night parties for those planning on missing the last train. The crowd gets sizeable around 1AM which makes it the best place to drink and party like there’s no tomorrow. The club is popular with the young and international audience and can feel like a rave outside of Japan.

How to get there: You can reach this area by train. Just get off at Shinsaibashi station.