Everyone these days wants to be known on Instagram. One great way to do this is by building up a montage of great travel photos on your Instagram page. Instagram is one of the most popular sources of inspiration for travel and will continue to grow in popularity. People are taking to Instagram to share their travel experiences and inspiring other people to set out on new journeys. If you dream of becoming a travel Instagrammer and having this kind of influence, well the good news is that YOU can!

1. Start with a Catchy Username

Don’t get too fancy and avoid using confusing symbols or spellings in your username. We suggest you find something simple, catchy and authentic that captures your travel identity. If you’re on other social media platforms or have a blog, be sure your username is consistent throughout your platforms. Make it real, authentic and ownable.

2. Find Your Focus + Your Voice

You are not going to be the world’s number 1 travel Instagram influencer overnight, but don’t let that keep you from trying. Find your niche and your uniqueness. You have your own voice, your own personality, your own likes and dislikes. Be yourself. If you have other hobbies outside of travel, integrate your passions to make your Instagram account truly unique. Find your loves, combine them and, above all else, be authentic.

3. Learn to Take Good Photos

Since Instagram is visual, you need good photos! It doesn’t need to be professionally taken, it just needs to be good and unique. No need to buy a fancy camera, just use the smartphone you already own. Find a theme or colour guide that will make your feed look consistent and curated.  Start researching the best editing apps such as Lightroom and VSCO. Test them out until you find the one that is right for you. Remember that authenticity is key. Avoid over-editing your photos.

4. Engage Your Friends and Fans!

Respond and interact with your friends, family and fans through replies to comments, stories, and private messages. Engagement makes you appear approachable and authentic. When you aren’t creating stories or telling stories, take time out of your day—every day—to interact with your audience. Set aside time during each day for your audience. Involve your audience and let them participate in your travel decisions. Share with them travel tips you’ve learnt. Value add to them!

5. Create Your Own Hashtag

Our final word of advice: create your very own travel-related hashtag. Make one that is specific to you – one that defines you and helps your followers find you. Then, use that hashtag consistently so your followers come to expect it. They may even start using it, thus leading their followers back to you.