When you travel around in a foreign country, it is always a great feeling to have an internet connection, in case you get lost. In Japan, there are two easy ways to get an internet connection wherever you go. Below, you will find atta’s guide for these 2 options:

Pocket Wi-Fi

Pocket Wi-Fi is a popular concept for travelers, especially in Japan. A Pocket Wi-Fi is like a portable Wi-Fi router that is easy to carry around and connects via a mobile network. To use it, you turn it on and connect your device to the Pocket Wi-Fi. Pocket Wi-Fi’s are usually on a rental basis, meaning you have to pay a daily fee, and hand it back in later. Some Pocket Wi-Fi’s have unlimited data, some have a fixed data limit per day, or a limit of devices that can be connected to it. The more luxurious you want it to be, the more expensive it will be.
A rental Pocket Wi-Fi can easily be obtained at the airport upon arrival at Japan. It is also possible to order them online, and to get them sent to your hotel. You will have to mail the Pocket Wi-Fi back in that case, before you leave the country. Getting them at the airport is easier in the sense that you will be able to return it at the airport when you leave the country.

Getting a Sim Card

Getting a Sim Card sounds like a big hassle, but it is not that hard in Japan. You are able to get a Sim Card at the airport, but these are usually more expensive than in the stores. In Akihabara, you will find a store called ‘BIC Camera’. In this store, you will find hundreds of deals for cheap Sim Cards. Some of the employees speak English and are definitely willing to help you. You are able to get a Sim Card that costs around ¥900 per month, for 6000MB. Getting a Sim Card requires a credit card, and the process takes about 5-10 minutes. It is relatively easy and much cheaper than a rental Pocket Wi-Fi.

If you are in Japan for a short period of time, a Pocket Wi-Fi might be more convenient, but for tourists that will stay a month or longer, getting a Sim Card is definitely recommended.