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Recommended attractions and areas for a fun day at Universal Studios Japan!

Recommended attractions and areas for a fun day at Universal Studios Japan! 

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is constantly adding new attractions to fill guests with surprise and excitement. Boarding the Loop Line from JR Osaka Station, you can change to the JR Yumesaki Line at Nishikyujo Station and be there at USJ in about 16 minutes. After Nichikyujo Station the train cars are wrapped with a Harry Potter design, so the fun starts even before you arrive. The popular attractions are often crowded, especially on weekends and during summer and spring vacations, so we recommend arriving at USJ early in the morning when it opens.


Just like in the books & movies! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


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Since opening in 2014, the “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” area has been extremely popular. The world of Harry Potter is reproduced down to the smallest detail, and Hogwarts itself stands impressively on top of a man made cliff. In this area you absolutely cannot miss out on “Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey,” which has been awarded the best ride in the world five years in a row. This 3D ride is packed with thrills as you experience what it’s like to fly through the sky! Because this area is so popular, we recommend visiting it right after the park opens or in the late evening (after 7:00pm). However, on crowded days such as weekends and holidays they sometimes limit the number of people allowed into the Harry Potter area. In that case you need to visit Central Park and get a numbered ticket, so we recommend checking with the information desk near the area entrance early!



Commemorative photos with tons of Minions. Minion Park


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From the movie “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 2”,  meet the beloved and mysterious yellow Minions. With these Minions taken as the theme for Minion Park, you will find Minions all over the place, and you can take photos with them. This area also includes attractions such as the “Minion Mayhem Ride” and “Minion Mayhem Ice Cream” that are fun for everybody from kids to adults. For lunch, we recommend visiting the “Happiness Cafe” in Minion Park. Food items like the Minion Burger, Minion Omelet Curry, and Minion Roll Cake are almost too cute to eat!



Return to the time of dinosaurs! Jurassic Park


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During your trip to USJ you will definitely want to experience “The Flying Dinosaur.” You will be suspended face down as if a dinosaur grabbed you by the back as you rotate 360 degrees and soar through the sky on this roller coaster unlike any other! It is the longest such roller coaster in the world at 1124 meters, and with a 37.8 meter drop this attraction is packed with thrills. Another popular attraction is “Jurassic Park: The Ride,” where you can experience a boat adventure in the jungle. The final splashdown is a jaw dropping 51 degree vertical angle plunge to the bottom! There will be a big splash, so we recommend a poncho to keep you from getting wet.



Meet famous characters! New York area

The New York area has attractions based on popular movies such as Spider-Man, Terminator, and Sesame Street. We especially recommend the 4K3D attraction “The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man – The Ride 4K3D.” The movements of the ride sync up with the action-packed movie, making this ride famous for providing a type of thrill you have never experienced anywhere else. It really does feel like you are right in the middle of the movie!

 Universal Studio, Japan


Universal Studios Japan is full of many other attractions in addition to those we introduced here! Depending on the season, various events and shows also take place, so for detailed information please visit the official website.



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