Most kids in the 90s probably grew up watching Pokémon and wanted to live in that world. In Japan, this dream can come true in some way, since you will be able to visit Pokémon Centers. You won’t be able to heal your Pokémon here, but you are guaranteed to find all the merchandise you have ever wanted and more. The Pokémon Centers in Japan are stores that sell almost everything related to Pokémon. Their products range from Pokémon cards, to plushies, to dinner sets. You name it, they have it! You will be amazed by how much products they have related to the franchise.

Japan has a total of 13 Pokémon Centers, 3 of them being located in Tokyo. One of the stores in Tokyo is even paired with a café, in which Pokémon related food-items can be ordered. Besides the Centers, there are also ‘Pokémon Stores’. These are more casual shops offering less variety of products than the Centers. Below on the map, you will find the 3 Pokémon Centers in Tokyo.