Tokyo is one of the six locations where Disney has one of its famous Disney Parks, called Tokyo Disney Resort. The Tokyo Disney Resort consists of two parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Both parks have its own attractions and parades, but visiting both parks on the same day is not possible. Separate tickets have to be bought, or a multiple day ticket, if you want to visit both of the parks.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland is the ‘normal’ park of Tokyo Disney Resort. It is similar to other Disneylands around the world. It has 37 attractions and besides that there are also parades that can be enjoyed. There are lots of souvenir shops and restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland, spread over the different parts of the park. The park is divided into 7 parts, all with its own theme, it feels like stepping into a different world every time.

Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is a more unique park compared to Tokyo Disneyland. This is because there is only one ‘DisneySea’ park in the world. This park has 29 attractions and also has special parades and shows to be seen. The park is divided into 7 parts, which all have a different theme. DisneySea has overal more water, and at certain points you are even able to look over Tokyo Bay.


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Disney Hotels

Tokyo Disney Resort has multiple hotels available which are convenient if you want to visit for multiple days. There are 4 Disney Hotels, 6 Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels and 4 Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels. Some of the hotels are closer to the parks than others, but these will be more expensive. To book a Disney Hotel, you should visit the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, and book through here.

Tickets and Fast Pass Tickets

Buying tickets for Disneyland can be done at the parks or online. To buy tickets at the park, you will have to stand in line for the ticket booth before going in. If you buy tickets online, you will be able to skip this line. To buy tickets online, you need to make a Disney account on the website. There are multiple tickets available. With a ‘one-day ticket’ you will only be able to visit one park. You are not able to visit both parks with one ticket. You need a multiple-day ticket for this, or buy  separate tickets.

Both of the parks make use of Fast Pass Tickets. These tickets are not available for all of the rides. The attractions that have Fast Pass Tickets will have an ‘FP’ mark on the map. The Fast Pass tickets can not be obtained before entering the park. The attractions that have a Fast Pass will have a separate ticket machine next to the attraction. Here, scan your entrance ticket and a ‘Fast Pass reminder ticket’ will come out of the machine. At the given time slot for the ticket, go to the attraction and scan your entrance ticket at the Fast Pass line entrance. From here, you can walk past the normal line, and save lots of waiting time.

How to get to Tokyo Disney Resort

The best way to get to Tokyo Disney Resort is to go to ‘Maihama Station’. From this station you can easily walk towards the entrance of Tokyo Disneyland, and it is a 20-minute walk to Tokyo DisneySea. From Maihama Station you are also able to go to walk to one of the stations of the ‘Disney Resort Line’. This line has stations in front of the entrances of Disneyland and DisneySea.