Tokyo Dome City is quite a popular place, and not only for a stadium with baseball games. It has way more to offer than just that. Below are a couple things that Tokyo Dome City has to offer.

The Stadium

Tokyo Dome City is ofcourse most popular for its stadium, Tokyo Dome. There are multiple baseball games held in here, and also some big concerts are held at this place. The stadium is extremely big and some of the baseball matches are not even that expensive. You might be able to score some tickets for a baseball match when you are at Tokyo Dome City. If there are still tickets available you are able to buy them at the ticket booth outside of the stadium. It can be a fun experience to go to a baseball match in Japan, since it is one of the most popular sports of the country.

The Attractions 

Tokyo Dome City is quite a big area with a lot of attractions. There is even a rollercoaster that goes through a hole in a building. This rollercoaster, paired with the Big O Ferris Wheel, can be seen from far away since they are so big. The Big O Ferris Wheel is the only ferris wheel in the world where you can sing karaoke while being on the ride. There are a couple gondola’s that have a karaoke set included. There is no price difference between the normal gondola and the karaoke gondola, there might just be a longer waiting line. The rollercoaster and the ferris wheel are not the only attractions Tokyo Dome City has to offer, there are many more spread over the whole area. Tickets for the attractions can be bought at the machines that are usually next to the entrance of the attraction. You can pay with cash at the machines and a ticket will come out that you will show to enter the attraction.


Tokyo Dome City has many food places to eat at. Around the stadium and around the whole area you will find a big variety in food places. There are even some popular western food places such as Taco Bell and Shake Shack. These are quite popular in here, since you won’t find many of these chains around Tokyo. It is also considered as good game food before going to a baseball match!


How to get to Tokyo Dome City

The best way to get to Tokyo Dome City is to get off at ‘Suidōbashi Station’. After you exit the station you will see the rollercoaster from Tokyo Dome City already. Tokyo Dome City has multiple entrances, and it is free to enter. You can walk around the whole area without having to pay, only if you want to do something you will have to pay at the attraction itself. 
Opening times: 10:00 – 21:00