When most people think of weekend getaways from Singapore, they often think of Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur or Bali. As such, Ipoh is a truly underrated gem for a great weekend getaway. For starters, it’s more budget-friendly than other more popular places for Singaporean travellers and secondly, it’s a quieter city which means you won’t have to deal with traffic! To top it all off, Ipoh is a foodie paradise, with many great offerings to please your palate and satisfy your desire for foodgasms. In this article, we’ve listed the best places to get your foodie fix:

Nam Heong White Coffee

Nam Heong is arguably the most popular kopitiam (local coffee shop) in all of Ipoh. It’s from this humble kopitiam that the popular franchise Old Town White Coffee that can be found all over Malaysia and Singapore was founded. The White Coffee here is fragrant, creamy and delicious. You can also get curry mee, yong tau foo and fried kway teow at this kopitiam which is a must-visit when you make the trip to Ipoh. The roadside stall outside the kopitiam sells muah chee, so you can have it with your morning cup of coffee.


Dai Shu Geok (Big Foot Tree) Yong Tau Foo & Asam Laksa

No foodie trip to Ipoh is truly complete without eating at the iconic Dai Shu Geok! The unique name came about as there is a giant tree smack right in the middle of the eatery, so you are literally dining at the foot of a big tree. The food here is very affordable and you can take your pick of fried fritters and yong tau foo and order a bowl of asam laksa to go with it.


Rainbow Seafood Restaurant

The seafood on offer here is freshly caught daily and served up in a variety of styles and sauces according to your preference. If you want to try their award-winning lobsters you have to call at least a day ahead to order this popular dish. The big-headed shrimp, which is fried with garlic and butter is absolutely delightful as well. Another speciality here is the minced pork patty, which is deep-fried and topped with a creamy salted egg sauce. Leave some space for dessert too as the peanut soup is a wonderful end to a glorious meal.


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Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken

Bean Sprout Chicken is known to be the iconic dish of Ipoh and for good reason! This dish is deeply satisfying, refreshing and delightful. Legend has it that the bean sprouts that you try in Ipoh are unlike any others in the world, due to special mineral-infused spring water found only in Ipoh. This makes the bean sprouts juicy, crunchy and fresh tasting! This is the perfect accompanying dish to the soya sauce boiled chicken that it is served with and Lou Wong is one of the most popular places to try this dish.


Happy Delicious Salted Baked Chicken

Salted Baked Chicken is another classic Ipoh favourite that families take home for their dinner and bond over. It’s an inexpensive meal that is sure to delight your taste buds. The herbs that the chicken is baked with adds a unique characteristic that separates it from other baked chicken you’ve tried elsewhere and the salt adds an umami coating over the skin and meat.  Note that there is no dining in options so you’ll have to take away the chicken to bring back to your hotel.