While visiting Japan you probably want to bring back some souvenirs for your friends and family. Souvenir shops are not everywhere in Tokyo, but below are 4 places where you are guaranteed to find some nice souvenirs.

1. Asakusa

Asakusa is where Senso-Ji is located. In that area, there are over a hundred of small shops, offering lots of different souvenirs. In this area you are able to find a very wide range of souvenirs. There are lots of traditional Japanese stuff to buy, such as clothing, katanas and cups for sake. The area has a lot to offer, so walk around before you start buying.

2. Harajuku

Harajuku is the place where you can find the craziest fashion. There are lots of stores selling all styles of clothes. If you want to buy a crazy t-shirt as a souvenir, be sure to check out the stores in Harajuku. You will see a people dressed up in certain styles while walking through Harajuku, making it very interesting to walk through the area.

3. Akihabara

Don’t forget about Akihabara! Besides playing at the arcades for hours, you are also able to buy lots of souvenirs. There are many shops selling merchandise related to anime and games. If you have friends or family that like gaming, anime, manga, card games, statues, etcetera, you should buy your souvenirs at Akihabara for them.

4. Don Quijote

Going to Don Quijote is an attraction itself. It is amazing to see how much a store can offer. Don Quijote stores vary in size, so the bigger the store, the more souvenirs they probably have to offer. The souvenirs that Don Quijote offers are a range of keychains, magnets, stickers, stamps and more.